Warehouse Management

Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • Operations
  • Inventory control
  • Tracking
  • Scheduling and Management
  • Items and Categories
display Warehouses Operations in odoo system

Operations - Internal transfers - Receipts - Delivery orders

shows Warehouses Operations with interactive view(Late, Not Ready, Delivery Section,internal transfer)

display Inventory evaluation

Inventory evaluation

Professionally Display inventory valuation

Inventory Adjustments process

Inventory Adjustments

ability for making adjustment to specific warehouse or group of Goods or Product or category with System Saving Option

follow up Stock Movements

Stock Movements

Stock Movement Tracking between Warehouses sorted by Date, type of the operation and Delivery state

display Warehouse quantities

Warehouse quantities

Show the quantities of goods in a professional manner so that it appears the quantities in each store

warehouse management system

Compute Stock minimum

Compute the minimum stock of products to be automatically followed

create Purchase orders

Reordering Rules

Generate Purchase orders automatically including the products which has been reached to minimum stock

display Purchase orders


include Purchase orders and predicted Quantities

control products

Products by Category

Control Data, items and categories

Warehouse FAQ

What is included in warehouses Module?

  • Operations:  shows (Late, Not Ready, Delivery Section,internal trasfer)
  • Inventory valuation,Inventory Adjustments,Stock Movements,Warehouse quantities(quantity on hand),Compute Stock minimum,Reordering Rules,Procurements,Products by Category

Is the System supports Multi-Warehouses ?

  • Odoo System Provides generating Multiple warehouses with internal division and multi-Location for each

is the System provides ability of tracking product's movements between warehouses ?

  • Odoo System Records Date,Time,Operation's user So you can use any of them for tracking your products

What's the inventory adjustment Procedure in Odoo System ?

  • You Can do adjustment on one product ,category or Group of Products not only this, you also can name this adjustment and save it with that name which illustrates the reason of adjustment Like(Adj_Jan._Warehouse1_Category.A)

Can I Follow Quantities instantaneously ?

  • Odoo System Shows the Quantity in hand, Expected and Reserved ones

What is Odoo System Offers for Warehouse Management ?

  • Through Access Rules Specially after Diamond Vision improvement for this Access Rules, it became more Precised.
  • Each user has limited permissions to reach specific level in the System,So it became easily to identify where the error is came from and who's responsible.


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