Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • Chat
  • Groups
  • Events and alerts
  • Comments
  • Notices
  • Personal Task List
  • Languages
  • Mobile Software
communication between employees


Direct communication between employees share in saving time and experices Exchange

sharing between groups


Sharing knowledge, experiences and news between employees which helps in create social work invironment.

Notifications by Email

Events and Notifications by Email

deals with important events and notifications through employee's email, and Phone follow-up program

comments between followers


comment from any window to reach all followers

 tasks management


effective tools in tasks management and record important notes for each employee

ToDo List

ToDo List

Convert any email,comment or note from any window to a work job and transfer it to the Work job area for each employee

follow-up operations


for every process in the System there is a record for following it, recorded by Date,Time and who did this process.

select language


Each employee can select his own language for the System

change password

Password change

Password Can Be changed by request that from the System, then complete changing it from the link sent to the user's email

get tasks on mobiles

Mobile Programs

several programs for user to manage several tasks

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