Trading Companies System

System Features of trading companies

sales qoutations in odoo

Sales Quotations

intelligence and flexibility in Price Lists Management in professional way .Price models suitable for a wide range of customers to be sent via e PDF format.Benefit from sales quotations to create sales orders automatically.

creating invoices in odoo


*Creating invoices directly from Sales Orders or Delivery Orders. *reviewing state of the invoices(confirmed, Paid, cancelled). *Ability to use ePay as a way of payment.

create warehouses in odoo system

Warehouses multiplicity with many locations

*Creating several warehouses with internal sections. *Setting more than one location for the same warehouse.

following up stock quantity

following up the Stock quantity

*Setting the Reordering rules. *Run the Procedures for counting the minimum quantities for products. *Create Purchases orders automatically depends on the minimum and maximum demanded quantity.

creat procurements on odoo system


Creating future purchases plan

products Classification on odoo

Products and Warehouses

*Ability for Products Classification. *Set a location for each product / category. *Review the stock movements *Inventory evaluation for all products or separately.

display products in odoo system


*Advanced Registration System for products supports(product's image,description). *supports the use of multiple unit of measure for sales and purchases. *set a Manager for each product. *Multiple Costing Methods. *Infinite categories tree.

sales on erp system

Point Of Sale

*provides many points of sale for the same company in different locations. *each point has it's own accounting. *Connecting the point of sale with one user or more. *Recording all movements with date and time.

add purchase details on odoo


*supports bids system. *simplicity in comparing prices of the providers. *integration with the Warehouses in recieving the orders generated by running stock minimum procedures.

sales analysis in odoo erp system


*Following up the sales employees through reports which make setting the target,percentages and comissions more easily

print reports in odoo system


*intellegent Reporting System,contains Fixed legal and Analytical reports. *flexbile reporting system,create new reports and saving them to be reviewed any time..

Send Pricing requests on odoo

Bids Management

Send Pricing requests for certain products to several providers and saving the price quotation of each provider to choose the best one upon the prices