Sales Section

Administration sales easier now !

Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • customers
  • sales orders
  • products & variants
  • quotations
  • sales contracts
  • sales price lists
register customer accounts in odoo erp

Create new customer

New concept for customers on system where you can control and conducting unified from one monitor customer of which :- (to identify pricing policy – Customer's bank accounts registration, set Responsible person).

register products in odoo system

products & variants

Adding varieties in a professional way through a cultivars import from Excel Sheet and recording all the required data with pictures for products and addition Classifications for each product with multiplicity of language support classifications and products..

create qoutations


create prices offers in seconds instead of hours and sent it by email directly from system or convert them to PDF file is ready for print in addition to follow up prices offers and its validity and convert them to sales orders the one touch..

Sales Management system

Easily Sales Management

Invest your precious time on marketing and sales instead of data entry.

Confirmed Sales Quotation

Confirmed Sales Quotation

you can convert Price Offer to invoice and pay invoice from the same as screen.

register Sales Contracts

Monitoring Sales Contracts

Throw Papers away, Put all your sales contracts on the system,Get the sales orders periodically and automatically depending on contract's conditions. accounting employees get notifications before the date of contract renewal

Setting strategy for pricing in odoo erp

Setting obvious strategy for pricing

Using price lists to set a suitable profit from each customer or set level of profit for each level of customers.ease of creating price lists connected to customers .Stand alone List:specific price for specific customer(s) .Related List: set the price depends on amount of sold product or the category of it Add Promotional offers and apply them automatically on Sales Teams.

create invoices on odoo erp system

fully integrated with invoices

All invoicing ways you need,even if you use time and materials or delivery order dependent invoices or fixed prices invoices , the System deals with it. Create repeatative invoices automatically Collecting forepart impulses easly Create cost contracts and merge it with sales contracts

sales section in odoo

interaction with customers

Connect to customers through e.mail and chat within the System it self All Customer needs are date saved in (Quotations,Sales Orders,Invoices..etc.) which means you have a Log for each sales proccess with the customerMore

CRM Integration on odoo

CRM Integration

The integration between CRM section and Sales Section provides more flexibility and better performance for customer services and markting through integrated management for recent and expexted customers.More

Create Sales Teams on odoo

Sales Teams

Create Sales Teams divided under different categories depends on the Service it provides or the field it works in this separation helps you to easly manage sales section and make reports about the work progress for each team

FAQ (sales)

What's the Contents of the Sales Module?

  • Sales Module Consists of (Customers , Quotations , Sales Orders , Products , Price Lists) as a main content and may contain other parts as(opportunities,Calls,meetings and CRM)

What's the difference between Sales Quotations and Sales Orders?

  • Sales Quotations has no effect on the System such as(Invoices,Accounting,Warehouses)
  • Sales Orders affects on Accounting and Warehouses through creating Invoices to accounting section and delivery orders from warehouses.

How can Sales Module Deal with customers Massive amount of data?

  • Sales Module has many details about customers which allow satisfied management of customer's data.
  • Customer Can be Company or individual , with capability of adding an image or logo for the customer at all.
  • The System Provides Collection of statistics for(Counting Invoices,Sales Orders..etc.)

When I Have a large amount of customers to deal with them, what can the system offers for me?

  • Powerful Search engine, you can find your customer using any of details which had already saved(Cust. Name , e.Mail, Phone,res.Salesperson)
  • Customers Can be Divided into categories(work Zone,individual,company..etc.),these categories can be created in need, then you can use it to select your customer easily

Is there a Work Flow? if exist,what are the advantages?

  • The System has a work flow and can be divided into levels dependent on user's Permissions(each certain user can reach certain level of any process)

Is Sales Module affects any other Module?

  • Yes,affects every where if the Sales process is complete one So, Sales Process affects the following modules:
  • .Warehouses(Delivery orders affects)
  • .Accounting(Invoices Creation)
  • .Purchases(automated Reordering rules)
  • .Projects Module
  • .Manufacturing Module

Is the system provides Sales Reports?

Full Section only for generating Sales Reports you can make the following:
  • .Total Sales Amount
  • .Sales Amount for certain time period
  • .Sales Amount done by responsible sales person
you can generate reports you in need with Report generator

Can I Send Sales Quotation directly to the customer ?

you can do it after saving the email address of the customer in his details


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