Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • Printed Reports
  • reports exportation
  • Search tools
  • Sorting operators
  • Collecting
  • Sections analysis
  • saving and sharing

Ready made reports

cover all parts of the system each separated from another and provide analytical data for each with ability to change report's elements to reach the required results

active reports on odoo export reports on odoo
export reports on odoo display reports on odoo

Printed Reports

Used for official and foreign entities, like Local state agencies , Clients or contributor. Mostly illustrate Accounts and Balances

legal reports on odoo accounting reports on odoo
reports on odoo reports results on odoo

Reports Generator

Stick with You in all pages including all elements , able to build thousands of reports, save,rename,share them with Users even more send them to the reports section

reports generator odoo reports generator generate reports
report generator on odoo generate reports on odoo

All Sections

  • Sales Management
    Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
    Purchase Management
  • Manufacturing Management
    Manufacturing Management
  • Account Management
    Account Management
  • Warehouse Management
    Warehouse Management
  • Reports Management
    Reports Management
  • E-Commerce
  • CRM
  • HR
  • Health Facilities Management
    Health Facilities Management
  • Educational
    Educational Facilities Management
  • Hotel Management
    Hotel Management
  • Fleet Management
    Fleet Management
  • Client Area
    Client Area
  • Users

Overview Section