Purchasing Section

Administration purchases easier now !

Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • Suppliers
  • quotations
  • Purchase orders
  • Price lists for suppliers
  • products
  • Future plans for Purchase
  • bids
Suppliers data registration

Suppliers registration

register all suppliers informations , their bank accounts , warehouses locations and display their credits

add Quotations in odoo erp system


ability to add more quotations, and receive them from warehouses including the products in need according to optional reordering rules

register Purchase order in odoo

Purchase order

record the purchase order to begin the actual purchase process and create invoices with delivery orders dependent

register plans for purchases in odoo

Future plans for purchases

the reordering rules section enables you to create your future plans with the demanded products like Seasonal products

Purchases section in odoo erp system

Purchases statistics

accurate statistics about the suppliers through interactive reports which illustrate some info like(delay in receiving products , discounts , purchased quantities .. etc.)

adding quotations in odoo erp


ability for adding quotations with multi suppliers to compare their prices

Control in products

Control in products and invoices

inventory control allows you to manage returns, futures orders, receipt of goods.Choose appropriate way. The invoices based on purchase orders invoices grenade items of the purchase order. The bills based on the goods received.

purchase management system

purchase management

the supply and procurement Suggestions , requests for pricing, follow-up to purchase orders, management of supplier information, to control the receipt of goods and to make sure the supplier invoices - you can do all this and more with purchase management Section.

Suggestions supply

Automatic Suggestions supply

Get the Suggestions purchase orders at the arrival of stocks classified to the minimum automatically through effective inventory management through the laws of supply adopted the stock level, the laws of logistics, sales orders, expectations of manufacturing orders ... etc.

Tenders for purchase in odoo

Tenders for purchase

You can create and invite tenders for purchase of many suppliers to offer their prices and then choose the best offer and converted to the purchases.

Email system integration in odoo erp

Email integration

the whole system is integrated with email, in Purchases section you can communicate with suppliers and ask for quotations and follow all documents through email

 average price

Standard price and average price

the system provides to your company many ways to calculate the suitable costing method(Standard Price,Average Price,FIFO,LIFO)

Importing  price lists

Importing suppliers price lists

you can import suppliers price lists which help you making right decisions at suitable time with best prices dependent on offers,stocks and contract conditions also can link the sales price lists with suppliers price lists and add the profit percentage you want

FAQ (purshases)

what is the contents of purchases section?

  • contains regestering suppliers with all nessecery info , entering price offers ,make purchase orders, create products and categorize them and organize bids.

can I send pricing request to suppliers via email?

  • yes you can

what is the standard work flow in purchases section related to products and invoices?

  • the work flow accutally begins after confirmation of the purchase quote to convering it to puchase order which indeed create delivery order in warehouses and invoice in accounting section.


    you can modify the last step to create the invoice after confirmation of the delivery order depends on the recieved products

is the dealing with multi currency is possible and entering the expenses of importing and packing?

  • one of the advantages of Oddo system is Multi currency and you can add importing expenses and transportation also

what is the relation between the nearing-Empty products in warehouses and the purchases ? is there a technique in following the stock of products ?

  • you can create reordering rules for minimum and maximum quantity for each product.which make purchase quotation with the required products automatically.
  • the quatity of required product in purchase quotation is set to the difference between the acual quantity which is less than the minimum quantity ,and the maximum quatity.


Overview Section

purchases management system

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