Point of Sale

Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • Suppliers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Products and items
  • Pricing requests
  • Lists of Suppliers prices
  • automated Supply suggestions
Download Products

Work Without Internet Access

Open and load the products which will be sold, do it for once and let the work begin Recording Time,Date and Process's user even if the internet connection doesn't exist

Interface Cashier

TouchScreen interface

Ultimate interface for Cashier working on point of sale which also supports most of devices and screens (TouchScreen,Tablet,Barcode Reader and with no doubt the Keyboard Mouse)

classify products in odoo system


ability for internal classification for products on casher interface in tabs view,which ease the choice from large number of products

Create Discounts


usage of discount in 2-ways (Discount Button , Discount Product )

Multiple sales

Multi_Sale in the same time

sell to more than one customer in the same time and shift from one to another as you need

selling sessions in odoo


View All selling sessions done by cashers and ability for opening or closing them depends upon access control permissions

Invoice Printing

Point of sale for Restaurants

The usage of point of sale in restaurants is comfortable and more effective in work flow print the bill and give it to the kitchen for preparing

Customize warehouse


Point of sale module is automatically accumulated with the warehouses Module, you can specify certain warehouse to sell from its stocks

Multiple Point of Sale

Multiple Point of sale

Odoo System provides multiple Point of sale which can be directed to certain warehouse to sell it's products, or specify one warehouse for each

FAQ (point of sale)

What's the difference between Point of sale Module and Sales Module?

  • Sales Module is for selling products to Known individuals and companies which are stable with your company, and to whom you can sell them for cash or within credit.
  • Point of sale Module is for instantaneous selling for individuals or such person or company which pay in cash only no credit is available(HyperMarkets,Commercial Mall)

Point of sale from odoo system,what are advantages from other systems?

  • First,the point of sale module is a part from the main database which means that it's connected with Accounting and Warehouses modules, that for saving the effort of
  • interaction between other databases from different systems.
  • Ability to work from more than one point of sale on the same database and on the same warehouse or multiple ones.
  • ease of learning and usage
  • multi-way search by (barcode,product name, category, .. etc.)
  • ability to work without internet connection since, the system has loaded

How can I follow up Accounts and warehouses of the point of sale?

  • By viewing sessions and access to its accounting or via accounting module and revise the bands of closing sessions and the cash income from every point
  •  By reviewing warehouses from Point of sale Processes in warehouses module to follow up the transformation of products from/to point of sale.

What is the benefit behind the session system and recording date,time for each session?

  • the benefit is to set the responsibility for each employee on point of sale,each one has account with password and username to access the point of sale.
  • after access on the system the date and time of access are recorded and every selling processes within the period of the session.


    Then,you can easily count the sales of employees and if any error occured you can identify it in short time correctly.

can i use more than one point of sale run in the same time and selling from the same warehouse ?

  • You can use thousands of point of sale on the same database and warehouse

is point of sale supports new devices and touch screens ?

  • you can use Odoo system on tablet , touch screens , barcode reader, RF reader and the Visa Payment way.

Can we provide more precised system on employees who use point of sale to limit the cheating ?

  • We can do this , by access control permissions.
  • The employee in section of point of sale can start the session but can't finish it. The accounting department employees only who can close the session
  • after reviewing the daily income on the system and compare it with the actual income.with ability to hide the total income from the cashier employee.

can you use the Point-of-sale in restaurants?

  • The usage of point of sale in restaurants is comfortable and more effective in work flow
    print the bill and give it to the kitchen for preparing


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