Online vs. on-premise

The comparison between Odoo ERP online system and with client



Our responsibility
comparison odoo online
No license, No IT staff, No hardware.


Your responsibility
comparison on premise
Buy license, Hardware and Employ IT staff.
internet Internet You need One internet line. You need Two internet lines + Public Static IP.
server Server Hosted on Several Servers (cloud). Buy Server, Firewall & Gateway.
backup Backup
  • On two servers in different places.
  • Every 6 hours.
  • Encrypted.
Responsibility of IT Staff.
update Updates Both Os and System are always updated.
Security Patches + Bug Fixes
Responsibility of IT Staff.(Advanced).
monitor server Monitor Server Service monitoring every 5 minutes. Responsibility of IT Staff .(Advanced).
support Support Functional Support
  • Technical Support
  • Functional Support
additional copies Additional copies Client actually recieves 2 copies of the system. Client recieves only 1 copy of the system.

What's included in Online Offer ?

We offer you innovative and practical solutions for backup and synchronization to make your experience safer and more professional.

odoo erp system

In case of On-Premise:

odoo On-Premise

 Services and features you will lose in this case:

odoo security odoo Backup Updates Monitor Server
Monitor Server