Manufacturing Management

Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • Bill of materials
  • Final products
  • Raw materials
  • Production planning
  • Work centers
  • Routings
  • Work orders
  • Manufacturing orders
bills of materials in odoo

Bill of Materials

Create your own Bills and import the large ones.

Production Stages

Production Stages

*Defining several productions stages. *Defining Machines with responsible persons who are working on it ,if the process was manual.

Register Machines Data

Machines and ManPower

registering Machines with the details of loads , abilities ,efficiency and the time need for every stage.


Effictive Manufacturing orders Schedule

You can make a schedule for manufacturing orders more effictively depends on Pull&Push rules and the inventory stock.

Manufacturing Orders Sequence

Manufacturing Orders

Manufacturing orders Serialization with entering Batch number for each

odoo erp system

analyzing the stock with manufacturing

following up the variation in stock value related to the level of manufacturing operations and ensure the availability of materials.

List view

interactive user interface

*View options (List , Map , Calendar) *you can organize your orders more better by using these views,and you can modify them too.

Bill final products cost

Calculating the final Products Cost

Raw materials and operating levels

Manufacturing Planning

Manufacturing Planning and Management

*Bill of Materials , Manufacturing Orders , Production Planning *Using the system, you can manage all Processes like(Aggregation,Manufacturing,Printing .. etc.) *Making Schedule for Manufacturing orders automatically *Reviewing the production plan with several views (Basic Project view or Cards&Levels view) *Usage of advanced analytical tools to know the Production needs from RawMaterials and other resources and distribute them over your Warehouses.

entering basic details in odoo system

More Flixability in entering basic details

*Products , Raw Materials List , Operations"Processes" *You have the full flixability to define multi-layer Bill of materials,Adding operations,Fake materials lists. *Using Bills Of Materials in Manufacturing orders or gathering process.

modifications in all operations

Modification in all operations

*Manually modifications in all operations at any stage. *There are no obistacles in front of any modification in settings of all operations. *you can design special layouts for every operation and use the system tools to find solutions for your needs. *Manage the manufacturing process step by step or finish it overall one time.

Full integration between odoo systems

Fully integrated with the other Modules in the system

*integrated with Sales,Purchases,Accounting and Warehouses Modules. *Integration with the accounting allowed Assessment and preparation of cost reports and profit on the manufacturing processes,available in real time.

Define the problem and solve it

Specification of Resources and the Production power Problems and solving it

*Adding operations, planning of the work hours and the Production power by resources. *Speed knowledge of the needs of the materials and the problems of the expected production to make sure the output corresponds to the timing of delivery.

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