Human Resource Management

Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • Employees registration
  • contracts of employment
  • attendance and work times scheduled
  • human resources expenses
  • leave requests for approvals for vacation days
  • salary for each employee and groups
insert employees data in odoo erp system

Insert Employees

Insert Employees with all the required personal data and images.

Insert employment contracts

Employment Contracts

Insert employment contracts and clarify the working time, training and salary

record attendance in odoo system

Attendance And Times Scheduled Work

  • The nature of work for each employee and the duration of the contract and the other terms.
  • You can record attendance from the system and calculation of working hours or the hours of work the project or task in the case of recruitment Provisional agenda
reocord HR expenses

Human resources expenses

Check all expenses of the personnel under the management of human resources such as transfers sugar tea papers pens petty cash

program HR management

Requests for approval of vacation days

  • leave requests can be sent detailed reasons prefer to generating on the system and a response or approval or refusal of leave by Directors.
  • Allocation approved or official holidays such as the country's official holidays or holidays the company
HR management system

Salaries for each employee

  • Add all the changing salaries and deductions on salaries depending on the activity and the degree of employee
  • payment of salaries per capita or groups.


What has the human resources department ?

  • staff section contains (recording staff - recording staff contracts - attendance records and leave - Vacations non-customized applications - customized vacation requests - human resources expenses - salaries - appointments - Rating - work schedules.

Do you support the stages of personal interviews and recorded ?

  • Supports stages of personal interviews for employment there are a number of levels experienced by the application form.
  • is recorded everything that has been in phone calls, interviews and appointment scheduling.

Is can be customized more than one type of hiring employees?

  • can be customized contracts for different terms for each category (workers - Engineers - employees) where the fundamentals of payroll and time and attendance and different days of work.

Is the system supports devices connecting with the audience and leave?

  • The system can be paired with any device that connect to or can import files format Excel sheet.

Is the system supports payments of salaries similar to a class of workers?

  • The system supports a combined output boost salaries identical to workers.

Is this system supports the delivery of salaries through the bank?

  • Supports distribution of salaries to the staff at the expense of banks.

Is the system supports the employment of temporary employment and accountable mph ?

  • appointment the number of hours of work and expense to calculate the employment of temporary staff supports

Do you support the vacations of staff-generating applications and to respond to them ?

  • The system supports holiday requests from staff and presented to managers for approval or rejection of the amendment or refund.

Is the system supports customization to different labor laws of delay penalties?

  • The system supports the allocation of sanctions and assembled last month.

Is the system supports reception Employment and CV of e-mail requests directly on the system ?

  • The system supports receiving employment applications and requests for CV of the applicants on the system of their own e-mail directly.

Is canbe customized a form to each appoint a special company to the system?

  • You can customize the model designation on the system and possible writing on the system directly or print it or send it on e-mail.


Overview Section

HR management system


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