Odoo FAQ

Question and answer more than common questions about the system.

What is the meaning of ERP ?

  •   it is shortcut The institution resource planning.

What is the odoo ERP ?

  • system is composed of a number of main and subsidiary sections which reached up to four thousand and five hundred section sub-program main sections include some of the following sales invoices procurement audit reports section warehouses is key sections Read More

What is the difference between ERP and ready-made programs ?

  • The ERP systems are integrated systems include the use of all resources, departments and activities to complete operations and follow-up procedures of all aspects of administrative and accounting to reverse desktop software that cares only enter data and complete exchange calculations or programs where interest limited administrative addresses a few aspects

Is ODOO is one of the systems ERP ?

  • odoo system one of the most important systems of the ERP system and the fourth in terms of non-proliferation and the first modern technology,

Is there a global companies and institutions, adopt it ?

  • there are more than two hundred million odoo user Around the world, including transnational companies and some Western governments, factories, restaurants and chains global institutions remedial learning institutions and hospitals

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What systems competition odoo ERP system ?

  • competition systems of odoo systems is the highest in the world, Oracle - s.a.p - Microsoft Dynamics

Do sections of the system linked ?

  • sections of the system are arranged a unified system at the level of the system is called the line of operations or workflow and flexible system is to configure the according to the nature of the each institution

Do you the system applies the standards in accounting principles global management ?

  • Apply the rules of global standards to ensure quality on the principles of accounting and management, where the application of the system gives the weight of the foundation for the ISO.

What are the awards, which obtained the system?

  • 2011 - INSEAD Innovator Award
  • 2012 - Highest-ranked Belgian company in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 Benelux (growth of turnover of 1549% in the past 5 years)
  • 2012 & 2013 - Bossie Award for the Best Open Source Solution
  • 2013 - Trends Gazelles Award
  • 2013 - Linux New Media Award for The Best Open Source solution compatible with European Accounting Systems
  • 2013 - “L’Entreprise Prometteuse” by Ernst & Young

What are the sections of the system?

  • Major sections of the system ( Sales. Procurement - warehouses - Auditors - Project Management - Industrialization and others) and the number of sub-sections and some of the programs section 4500 program, as well as to the possibility of establishing a special section of the outset extinguishes specific institution.

Is it possible to select some sections ?

  • Very large sections of the program that can be used for each activity and installation of sections and programs that serve only activity

can you add sections in the future after the work on the system ?

  • This is one of the great advantages in this system, despite the presence of this feature in some systems, however, competition in odoo is easier and less expensive

Is the system accept the future expansion of the company ?

  • Great Advantage made odoo is superior to competitors from where easy add branches or warehouses or even activity of various simple way to some extent cost less than competitors or even buy another system

Is the system customizable?

  • The system is already open source more flexibility, scalability, and customizable systems that establishment of departments of A-To-Z

What type of data bases and programming language?

Is odoo erp system commensurate with my company?

  • Commensurate with all activities and fields

Do I need install any program on employees devices ?

  • The system is web application so Works on any browser all you need URL - username and password

can use the system from the phone?

  • The system is working on the Web interface phone can operate the system if it is working on the web with any browser

Does the system supports more than one language?

  • The system has a Multi-language and multi-currency

Is the system working online?

  • The system working online through browsers

Does my data in safety on the Internet ?

  • With the diamond vision you are in safety, where data encryption between devices and servers  as well as Protection Server and servers to take backup

Is there a copy backup of data?

  • There are backup copies of the system on servers and dedicated servers to take backups

Is the system works on the internal network without Internet ?

  • Can a special server internal network devices

Can you linked more than one branch of the system?

  • can be linked to an unlimited number of branches around the world

Do I Need to buy his assistant programs of the system ?

  • does not need any assistant programs  where there are 4500 the application of the covering most of the needs of any institution

Does the system supports the bar code?

  • Yes supports barcode

Is the system supports integration / connectivity with other systems?

  • the system is open source, and therefore more flexibility in systems integration with other systems

Is the system supports integration / connectivity with web sites ?

  • The system already has a Web Builder Web Builder to create a site connected with the system supports e-commerce

What is the clientportal ?

  • clientportal is access to customers on their own part of the system such as sales orders their own projects invoices and accounts for clients

Does the system send e-mail messages?

  • The system sends messages on the mail and in the system . it can be reset the system to send messages in some special cases such as the work on the tasks within projects

Does the system supports multiple branches?

  • Yes, the system supports multiple sections

What are the types of reports to the system ?

The system offers a new concept of the reports (interactive reports - Reports - Legal analytical reports ) More

What are the properties of the users or employees on the system?

The system has  support many of the basic properties of the users and social (More)