Customer Management CRM

Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • Sales Teams(Sales Person)
  • opportunities
  • leads
  • Call Log
  • meeting
  • calendar
  • reports
  • help and support
  • complaints
create sales teams in doo

sales teams

you can create sales team for variant selling ways , can set monthly target for each team with lot of analytical reports and graphs

CRM management

Leads management

the system enables you to record leads and sometimes topics to create opportunities which can create new deals later

create deals

opportunities management

after converting leads to opportunities and working on it with advanced levels and continuous follow up using system features,you can create successful deals and earn new customers.

record calls

Call Log

record call brief to return to it later, and set the future call schedule

record meetings

meetings management

record and set the appointments of meetings with customers for more efficient follow up to them

register Complaints in odoo erp

Complaints management

ability for recording complaints directly on the system from the customers and users and the follow up the stages of solving the issue

technical support

Help and technical support

follow up the customers demands and customer questions also the technical support and performance

email integration in odoo

email integration

creation of leads and opportunities automatically from received emails,effective analysis for opportunities and leads through marketing and sales ways

schedule meetings in CRM system

Sharing Work schedule

you can share meetings and calls through the calendar built in the system.and you can review you friends work schedules

CRM management system

customization for sales cycle

you can set the stages of sale and marketing which fits your company in perfectly way.the system enables you to create special forms for each stage. view collection of information for successful predictions and achieve more sales in every next level among the relation between your company and the customer

CRM in odoo system

Reports and Graphs

Get the suitable info which helps you to make successful graph and complete the full image for your plan

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Overview Section

CRM in odoo