Construction / Contractors system

Contractor Companies Properties

build tenders on odoo erp


unprecedented flexibility in the management and construction tenders and quotations in a professional manner.

create sales quotations on odoo


Get benefit from quotations to create sales orders in a flexible way. Use price lists for pricing professionally

add contracts on odoo system


Comprehensive intelligent system recording construction contracts in all the details and linked to sales orders extracted for the client, and integration with project management.

create project on odoo system

Creation projects

Set up projects with the contract and create tasks within the project from sales orders automatically.

project management in odoo erp

Project Management

  • Enable the project manager to distribute tasks in a flexible and effective way.
  • Display tasks in different ways.
  • Intelligent system to keep track of tasks for each of the projects and the client manager.
adding tasks on odoo


Identify tasks stages depending on the nature of the project With the possibility of the task sequence

identify tasks on odoo erp

Tasks table

Worktime account for each employee in specific timetables. With the possibility of assigning tasks to people outside the company

Contractors managing in odoo

Contractors managing subcontractors

Empower some of tasks to contractors outside the company with following up tasks inside projects management

build invoices on odoo system


Create bills automatically from sales or delivery orders or delivery orders and check the stats of a total of receipt invoices from where Confirmation The payment and cancellation possibility of link bill with electronic payment.

add warehouses data on odoo system

Multiple Warehouses and locations

  • Set up multiple warehouses with the division them internally.
  • The definition of more than one linked to the warehouse site.
receive purchase orders


Support system of bids and easy comparison among prices from suppliers. integration with the stores to receive purchase orders for amounts which are going to end.

odoo system reports


Intelligent system reports an unprecedented Created from fixed legal reports and analytical reports are ready and flexible reporting system allows to create and display reports New and unlimited.