Client Area

Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • Follow-up quotations
  • Follow-up invoices
  • Follow-up sales orders
  • Follow-up projects
  • Interaction / comments
  • E-mails
  • Archives
  • Complaints
Follow-up quotation in odoo

Follow-up quotation

Enables the customer review quotations were presented to him.

Follow-up sales orders

Follow-up sales orders

Enables the customer review own sales orders only

Follow-up invoices

Follow-up invoices

Enables the customer review sales invoices by special account only review.

Follow-up projects

Follow-up projects

to follow up all the stages of the project and interaction with staff

Follow-up reservation

Follow-up to reservation


Customer Interaction with staff


  • Customer Interaction with the staff through the comments.
  • add a comment and send a message within the system through screens offers sale price orders, invoices and tasks in projects.
Follow-up events

Follow-up / log

  • Customer follow all special events during the work by special register.
  • Follow-up who create tasks or quotations and who is Confirming , editing or canceling.
send an e-mail


  • At each event within the system, the system send an e-mail to the client.
  • The system send e-mail message to the address mail surprised observers on the screen
Pay Online

Pay Online

When you send an invoice to mail client can be the customer to press the push button and pay through Visa Card

print orders


Customer can print orders pricing and sales orders and invoices and documents lots with projects or reservation

submit complaints


To submit complaints and requests and problems as possible that requested by the client and follow-up by users

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