Accounts Section

Management Account easier now!

Section includes the functions and operations of both

  • Invoices
  • Refunds
  • Payments and receipts
  • Chart of Accounts
  • journal
  • Accounting entries
  • Accounting periods
  • Analytical accounts
  • Bank statement
  • Cash registers
  • processing Periodic
  • Taxes
  • Accounting reports
account module

Accounting Has Become Simple

Accounts section in this system is suitable for all types and sizes of companies, which gives the accounts better way to work with suppliers and customers, you can activate the additional properties as needed (such as analytical accounts, the management of budgets, asset management)

invoices purchases

Modern invoices

invoices for purchases or sales, as well as the reimbursement of purchases or sales and sent by e-mail with the possibility of electronic payment. Will not send a reminder to customers, only create the invoice and the system will send automatically and then watched automatically until repaid.

Follow-up suppliers payments

Suppliers payments

Follow-up suppliers and payments accurately be made based on the date of invoice

Follow-up invoices Refunds


Follow-up invoices Refunds and account Refunds professionally.

journal process


To relay or manual accounts in diaries to match different systems for companies.

register journal entries

journal entries

Professional registration restrictions through the screen that allows you to log all required data even when the currency difference is the constraint and linking partners.

Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts

There are major accounts with the possibility of creating an infinite number of sub-accounts.

Bank statement

Bank statement

You can easily work the settlement of the accounts of banks on the system by importing the payroll accounts to the system to be settled.

Cash registers

Cash registers

Recording sundry movements issued or incoming with any employee and is not required to be an accountant.

processing Periodic

processing Periodic

generating periodic restrictions periodically (daily, monthly, quarterly and annual ) simple way.

analyis accounts in odoo erp

analytical accounts of multi-level

analytical integration of accounts with) Tasks, projects, invoices, expenses, etc. ) and not just something to enter transactions, all restrictions will be monitored on the analytical.

add Analytical accounts in odoo system

Analytical accounts

Add the analytical accounts of the invoices and contracts to identify the cost center.

accounting periods

accounting periods

divided into accounting periods in an easy-to-whether (monthly, quarterly, half-year, an annual )

add receipts and payments in odoo system

Easy receipts and payments

Make advance payments and pay invoices sequence dates

share between customers

Better ways to work together

share access and documents with the Working Group and accountants as each of them aware of dispatched events as they occur with the availability of complete security at all levels.

control purchases order

Integration with purchases

rules in supplier invoices based on purchase orders, get the inventory reports in real time, changes inventory values are monitored on the time they occur in the accounts.

create reports in odoo system


multiple reports , printed , interactive and ready to serve all purposes.

reports in accounts system

Reports and charts

Get important information and basic reports plus interactive boards and Customizable reports, review financial operations through the reports of customizable Interactive methods of different display gives you clear vision of everything.

FAQ (accounting)

What accounts section in Oddo system contain ?

  • Accounts Section contains two main all types of invoices agents, repercussions and suppliers.
  • Cash payroll bank account restrictions diary accounting and Chart of Accounts processor accounts periodic legal and accounting reports.

Does account section support the arabic language and Arabs chart of accounts ?

  • In the beginning the system not supports Arab language But diamondvision Translation system to arabic and chart of accounts.

What is the relationship between the accounts and other sections ?

  • The Accounts are the backbone of any system must be linked with each section, are linked to sales and purchases and invoices customers, suppliers, customer accounts and suppliers Section and the projects section and the industrialization of the invoices produced materials Section and the human resources in salaries and expenses

How deports accounts in journals ?

  • There are several ways to be deported by the accounts of what is to completely as soon as the establishment of the operation the deportation system there are deported installments according to the compilation of restrictions, whether the period or type a deportation after audit manual

Does the introduction of accounting entries easy process or needed expertise on the system?

  • Easy , simple and possible holding through junior accountant

Some systems contain repetitive entries ..... Does exist and in any way ?

  • One of the advantages of the system is Create recurring entries and Writing the entry to be repeated and determining the duration of repetition and the number of times the system will repeat it.

What is the benefit bank statement ?

  • the truth has several benefits, most important of which is that possible record your accounts in banks in numbers and any operation carried out by synchronizing with the Implantation in some States as possible movements coincided in the bank account to the online

What is the benefit cash statement ?

  • Recording petty cash by employees and Account is closed with the accountant at the end of the day


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