Rebranding & Brand Development

we are working on DiamondVision on providing the innovative solutions and the modern in field the Branding or what known in Arabian communities with " Alaeesam" you know with us on how our sponsorship of that service. 

Why develop brand !?

Occurring that phase when the work or the institution in need to ingredient change or more than in identification. For example, this change can be confined on logo or just the marketing name, or to be the change more strength as if the be comprehensive change in the company point of view, thier aspirations and contiguity method with clients or consumers in a way best,faster and more professionalism it confers through the development operation.

What is the expected growth !?

When the company able to expand and the growth on the local level or until international, it is expected that company or institution reconsider restoration in developing some of products . This process is carried in most times to message deliver stronger and The most comprehensive For the provision of money and the resources on the remote level . can be also the development operation for some products or until complete identification when a company work on expanding or Combine with other.

Have you decided to enter a new field or the development of services, and does not want to lose your brand !?

If you decided to expand the circle of your products or that the new area for your business if you are, of course, you need to develop your brand. You at Apple example, it was called "Apple Computers" ? But when the company began in the development of their products,they have found that there is compliance on behalf of the trademark, limited to a specific area which made Apple think again to develop its brand, which included many of the changes are not only confined to the trade name or even the logo! But it went to what is beyond. For optimal development and service to their clients, including serve their different products.

Is it target a wider audience or customers now looks forward to attract new culture !?

When you need to increase the diversity of your customers you should be interested in what they want in a variety of different cultural backgrounds. If there must be a change in some ways and rules to gain the target number of clients, it does not mean change the name or even the logo is obvious .. But if you change the way your products or the method of establishment of advertising campaigns, and so on.

Do you develop brand logo is limited to "Logo" only!

Of course not,when we are talking about the development of the brand the purpose here is to develop the view that is seen by the client or consumer to brand, where the configuration of optical and commercial and moral all on the same level of sophistication and development. We believe that the development of the diamondvision brand is the larger goal of a logo design or change some colors!

Providing the Service

we are working in diamondvision to provide innovative solutions in the field of modern and branding or what is known in Arab circles B "Alaeesam", known with us on how our sponsorship of that service.


1First: Find more in what serves your brand and requires a change for the better, and includes :

  • The company or organization's mission.
  • The target audience.
  • Development of publicity campaigns.
  • E-Marketing planning.
visual identity

2The design better visual identity, including:

  • The logo design.
  • Trademark Applications on various products and publications mock up.
  • The design advertising campaigns on social networking Web pages.
  • Create a new brand for E-marketing.
launch electronic site

3The launch of the new brand through an electronic site design by diamondvision