Diamond Vision

odoo solutions

The first level secure communication

1Contact coded
use techniques HTTPS SSL, for the protection of communication between the user and online system.
2Proxy Server
Mediator server, which process of disguising real server that hosts the system, which increases security and protection directly.
firewall is a network device is responsible for ensuring all communications to and from the system. Its advanced firewall to secure all communications

Second level: updates

4Periodic Updates

for the operating system and business management)odoo)and all software adopted by the security and when to apply patches bug fixes. Update system (POE Linux - Business Management System odoo - Other Software ) to include updates (Security Patches + Bug Fixes).

Third level: Backup System

5backup procedure
is heed copy backup of the system every 6 hours on the server hosting the system
6External Backup server
is saved another copy backup of data on external server this was to secure data from loss or damage in the event of a disaster.

Note number of backups on a daily basis (Internal, External) 8 copies Where copy every 6 hours ago

Fourth level: monitoring system

7monitor servers

is responsible for monitoring services permanently this was through advanced technology designed for this purpose immediate intervention to conduct operations this was advanced security service stability.

Level of infrastructure

Taking into account the geographical diversity of the places the data center.
It was selected types and specifications for high-efficiency (servers - network devices and speed - the fiery walls).
We use to run Linux on our servers system.
Odoo were separated and were assembled system data on servers separate the piece to ensure the highest performance.
The monitoring and maintenance of all servers by a team of Almt_khasas in information security and management servers.

Get two copies version of the system

odoo back-up copies

Get two (Test System & Production System) 
1-TheProduction System of the actual work 2-copy of the experiments and education. Where is synchronizing data from Test System to Production System every 3 hours.



Our responsibility
comparison odoo online
No license, No IT staff, No hardware.


Your responsibility
comparison on premise
Buy license, Hardware and Employ IT staff.
internet Internet You need One internet line. You need Two internet lines + Public Static IP.
server Server Hosted on Several Servers (cloud). Buy Server, Firewall & Gateway.
backup Backup
  • On two servers in different places.
  • Every 6 hours.
  • Encrypted.
Responsibility of IT Staff.
update Updates Both Os and System are always updated.
Security Patches + Bug Fixes
Responsibility of IT Staff.(Advanced).
monitor server Monitor Server Service monitoring every 5 minutes. Responsibility of IT Staff .(Advanced).
support Support Functional Support
  • Technical Support
  • Functional Support
additional copies Additional copies Client actually recieves 2 copies of the system. Client recieves only 1 copy of the system.



User properties

The user has the social characteristics and productivity increase productivity and interaction between the team work

internal chat
todo lists
follow up


Direct communication between employees share in saving time and experices Exchange


Sharing knowledge, experiences and news between employees which helps in create social work invironment.

Events and Notifications by Email

deals with important events and notifications through employee's email, and Phone follow-up program


comment from any window to reach all followers


effective tools in tasks management and record important notes for each employee

ToDo List

Convert any email,comment or note from any window to a work job and transfer it to the Work job area for each employee


for every process in the System there is a record for following it, recorded by Date,Time and who did this process.


Each employee can select his own language for the System

Password change

Password Can Be changed by request that from the System, then complete changing it from the link sent to the user's email

Mobile Programs

several programs for user to manage several tasks

حلول النظام فى odoo

مستوي تأمين الاتصال

1الاتصال المشفر
باستخدام تقنيات HTTPS + SSL والتي تقوم بحماية الاتصال بين المستخدم والنظام اونلاين.
2Proxy Server
الخادم الوسيط الذي يقوم بعملية تمويه للخادم الحقيقي المستضيف النظام مما يزيد من مستوي الحماية. كما انه لا يمكن الوصول للخادم المستضيف للنظام الا عن طريق خادم Proxy
3الجدار النارى (Firewall)
الجدار الناري Firewall هو الجهاز المسؤل عن تأمين كل الاتصالات من وإلي النظام.

مستوي التحديثات

4التحديثات الدورية

يتم تحديث (لنظام التشفيل Linux - نظام ادارة الاعمال Odoo - البرمجيات الاخري ) علي ان تشمل التحديثات(Security Patches + Bug Fixes).

مستوي نظام النسخ الاحتياطية

5 النسخ الاحتياطي الداخلي.
يتم اخد نسخه احتياطية من النظام كل 6 ساعات علي الخادم المستضيف للنظام
6خادم النسخ الاحتياطي الخارجي
يتم حفظ نسخه اخري احتياطية من البيانات علي الخادم الخارجي وذلك لتأمين البيانات من الضياع او التلف في حالة الكوارث.

ملحوظه : عدد النسخ الاحتياطية يومياً (الداخلية / الخارجية) 8 نسخ بواقع نسخه كل 6 ساعات

مستوي نظام المراقبة

7خوادم المراقبة (monitor servers)

المسؤل عن مراقبة الخدمات بشكل دائم وذلك من خلال تكنولوجياً متقدمه تم تصميمها خصيصا لهذا الغرض والتدخل الفوري بإجراء عمليات متقدمة وذلك لضمان استقرار الخدمة.

تم تصميم البنية التحتية الخاصه بتقديم النظام Odoo ERP علي ان تجمع بين عناصر الامان والاستقرار والاداء معاً بشكل متكامل علي النحو الاتي:

مستوي البنية التحتية

تم مراعاة التنوع الجغرافي لاماكن مركز البيانات (Data Center).
تم اختيار انواع ومواصفات عاليه الكفائه بالنسبه (الخوادم - اجهزه الشبكه وسرعتها - الجدران الناري ).
نستخدم نظام تشغيل لينكس علي خودمنا.
تم الفصل بين نظام odoo وقواعد البيانات علي خوادم منفصله وذلك لضمان اعلي اداء.
يتم مراقبه وصيانه جميع الخوادم من قبل فريق من المتخصصين في امن المعلومات وادارة الخوادم.

احصل علي نسختين من النظام

النسخ الاحتياطية على odoo

يحصل عملاؤنا على نسختين من النظام
1- النسخه الاساسية للعمل الفعلي. 2- نسخه للتجارب والتعليم...حيث يتم مزامنة البيانات من النسخه الاساسية الي نسخه التجارب كل 3 ساعات.